Nessuno Stromboly by Dutch photographer Maartje Strijbis
Nessuno Stromboly by Dutch photographer Maartje Strijbis


A woman sets up camp on a living, breathing volcano. Black sand and fireflies. In the corner of her eye there’s always the mountain. Smoke. Ash. Boundaries become fluid; she transcends herself, becomes one with nature and experiences the world as a whole. She’s equal to the rocks and the fire in this place of ritual and contemplation. She’s everything and nothing. Living with roaring lava is a sublime experience. Beautiful but frightening, a definite confrontation with the perimeters of existence.

The island is a mystery. All the elements are animated; they come to life under the warmth of the volcano. Human artifacts intertwine with natural ecofacts. By photographing these objects in their new shape, washed up onto the black shore, they become part of the island, incorporated in the volcanic landscape. 

Color, form, substance and emptiness mutually reinforce each other. Water and salt are prisms where shapes and colors materialize and vanish again. Stromboli is a hyperbola; emotions, sensations, and vibrations in the air are amplified by the scent of sulfur, ash particles whirling down on you, and the warm soil, breathing beneath your feet.

The woman’s quest to capture the volcano is a quest to depict her own inner world. Mesmerized by the sea at evening twilight with all its blues. A magical blue that connects to a notion of floating in between worlds. To be able to touch the fringes of other people’s worlds, but to realize, inevitably, that she’s alone.

STROMBOLI is the place I dream of. The volcano. Active always, a constant quiver. Stromboli people are of a special kind, made of black sand and fire.

Exhibition Stromboli 

Amsterdamse Academische Club

Sept - Dec. 2015

Exhibition Nessuno

the FOTOfactory

July 13 - 25


Ongoing project since 2013

Photobook in the making

Interview about Stromboli (in Dutch)

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