Nessuno Stromboly by Dutch photographer Maartje Strijbis
Nessuno Stromboly by Dutch photographer Maartje Strijbis


Stromboli is the only permanently active volcano in Europe. This tiny explosive island is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, North of Sicily and 254 kilometers off the Napoli coast in the South of Italy. Since 2015 Maartje Strijbis works on Nessuno, a transmedia story about this isola magica.

Many eccentric characters seek isolation on Stromboli. A place where the boundaries between people and their environment become fluid. Humans, animals, plants and the volcano become one, all the elements are animated. Human artifacts intertwine with natural ecofacts. Stromboli is the home of ritual and contemplation, where people are equal to the rocks and the fire.

Life is reduced to a mere physical awareness once the volcano erupts, and you’re standing close to the fountains of roaring lava. A sublime experience. Beautiful but frightening, a definite confrontation with the perimeters of existence. With her images Maartje tries to capture what is floating above our visual perception. How do you photograph something that escapes your senses, and is yet so tangible in a place like Stromboli? Vibrations in the air, the scent of sulfur, the warm soil beneath your feet. How do you seize that magical and mysterious experience?

In Nessuno Maartje blends her own imagination with the rugged landscapes and natural components of the volcano. Predominant elements in her photographs are basaltic rocks in different formations and many shades of blue. We see obscured nights and endless blacks in a mythical cosmos. In this mesmerizing universe you are able to touch the fringes of other peoples’ lives, but inevitably, everyone is alone.

STROMBOLI is the place I dream of. The volcano. Active always, a constant quiver. Stromboli people are of a special kind, made of black sand and fire.

Exhibition Stromboli 

Amsterdamse Academische Club

Sept - Dec. 2015

Exhibition Nessuno

the FOTOfactory

July 13 - 25


Ongoing project since 2013

Photobook in the making

Nessuno INSTAX diary for Kiekie tabloid (in Dutch)

Interview about Stromboli (in Dutch)

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